BCF is a simple, flexible and cost-effective pension for employers and staff who want to set up a comfortable retirement aligned with Brethren Community principles.

Whether you’re providing pension savings for your staff as part of your company remuneration and benefits package, or to meet your new employer duties under Automatic Enrolment, we will assist you at every step. 

BCF Benefits for Employers

The BCF Scheme is a great choice for employers wishing to provide quality pensions for their workforce. It offers significant advantages for you and your workers.

Pensions encourage employee motivation and loyalty

As part of a remuneration package, pensions are a great way to reward, encourage and motivate your key personnel. While as an employer you are required by law to provide a pension and meet the statutory Automatic Enrolment minimums, going above and beyond these minimums demonstrates to your employees that you are committed to their long-term security and prosperity.

Save on employers’ National Insurance contributions

Contributions to an employee’s pension pot are not liable to National Insurance contributions. You may be able to set up a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employees which can lead to further savings for the employer and employee.


Simple and flexible

We help make it easy for you to provide suitable pensions for your workers with clear information and guidance for you and your people. BCF can work alongside an existing scheme you have and can be used for a particular category of workers or for your whole organisation.

Strict quality, regulation and corporate governance

BCF is a trust-based, registered scheme regulated by The Pensions Regulator (TPR), a government body responsible for protecting the benefits of pension scheme members and promoting good scheme administration. In October 2019 BCF was one of a limited number of pension schemes in the country to be granted Master Trust Authorisation by TPR, after successfully passing a series of rigorous criteria to prove the Scheme was strong in terms of management, finances, processes and strategy.

Master Trust Authorisation

Automatic Contributions

As an employer you have a vital role to play in helping your workers save for later life. Under Automatic Enrolment you may have obligations to enrol some or all of your workers into a pension scheme that meets certain legal standards, known as a qualifying scheme. You may also need to make contributions into their pension pot.

Simple, cost-effective employer charges

Our simple charging structure at BCF is designed to keep costs as low and transparent as possible. As a not-for-profit organisation, our fees are used to manage investments, keep the Scheme running smoothly and provide a high quality service in line with industry best practice.

How to get started

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