To remove the barriers and explore opportunities for a better future for members by providing a straightforward and effective way of saving for later years.

To assist our clients in compliance with an ever-changing employment landscape.


To deliver the key message that saving for the future is for everyone: to make it normal, rather than exceptional.

To provide the community with a pension scheme that is first class in terms of client relations, value, service, support, systems and communication.

To raise awareness throughout the community that the BCF Scheme is a safe, suitable, effective and attractive means of saving for later life.


  • The experience and knowledge to provide pensions savings to the community which is both legally compliant and fully in accordance with Brethren principles.
  • Honesty, transparency and integrity in all our dealings.
  • To provide clear, jargon-free information and facts in all our communications.
  • To always act in our members’ best interests.
  • To be proactive in exploring opportunities to maximise fund growth and secure better returns for our clients.
  • A commitment to the best technical support and systems, to advance the services we provide.
  • Confidentiality and discretion at all times.